Elephant Talent Show


This post is about our 2nd day of the Elephant Round-Up festival, now it was time for the talent show at the elephant stadium.

The introduction was massive,- Led by the white elephant – with all the elephants entering the stadium – once there thy all lay down to pay respect for the recently passed away patriarch monk.

White Elephant

White Elephant


P1030781 My little favorite form the day before, the little 6-months baby was also there with it mother, but this time it was good to be able to hide and seek protection under the mothers trunk.

Some of the old Mahout demonstrated how they in the past used their elephants to capture wild elephants.

P1030798 Then there were some traditional circus trick – and honestly I have never really understood what is the pleasure of seeing a big elephants climb up on a small round table. But what was interesting from this part of the show was to follow some of the mahouts training young elephants, and looking on how they use their own body to demonstrate what the elephant should do. See Elephant playing Dart, paint a picture etc is better to do in a smaller venue.

P1030801But more fun stuff to come, like elephants towards humans pulling the rope. Surprisingly the elephant win each time???? Then it was Football – did we see a new Zlatan?????


As often in football, someone get hurt, but “ambulance-elephants”” on duty


elefantsnurr The best part at the end, when it was shown how elephants was used in War – extremely impressive to follow the young guy running and perform acrobat tricks on the back of moving elephants!!!! And it was impressive with so many elephants with their mahouts in costume, the music, canon, acrobatic…….


and after the show we could mingle with the elephants or take an elephant-taxi back into town.


white elephant



Elephant round-up in Surin


In November last year we visited the yearly elephant round-up festival in Surin, Thailand. We started up with the big elephant buffeé-breakfast Saturday morning, we did not really know what to expect when 269 (hungry) elephants are entering town.

Already on our way to the down-town  fountain where the fruit table were ready, we met many elephants on it way up to the railway station, where the parade started. While we were waiting for the elephants to arrive we were entertained with different cultural performances.

Then finally the elephant parade was entering. Favorites was the 3-years old twin elephants.

Baby twins

Baby twins

There were three of them from the beginning but one died. Still, very unusual with twins, so they were the festivals mascots.

Baby twins

Baby twins

P1030761  P1030722 P1030717

And other favorite was the “white ” elephant”, but when getting close to it I can tell it was a lot of make-up to make it look white and shiny (half of the make-up was left on my T-shirt after hugging also this elephant).


White Elephant

P1030733  P1030732  P1030731  P1030734

And then the fun started – at least for us. Now it was time to mingle and feed the elephants. The idea was to have people on one side of the table and the elephants on the other side, but then you could not get close enough for hugging all of them, so we kept in the middle.


And it was literally in the middle – I found myself between two adult elephants, who wanted to great each other with their trunk, and I just had to do the best to not be squeezed in between them. Taking a step backward was also dangerous, since it “always” was a new elephant entering from behind.

Mahouts with younger elephants sold some additional food, for 20 baht we could feed them, and after that it was free to mingle, hug and take as many photos as you like. There were also mothers with small babies, and it was fascinating to see how relaxed the mothers was among all the peoples, and the small baby was tied up to the mother and followed her happily all over. The youngest we met was only 6 month old, and it is quite cute feeding the mother while the baby elephant is discovering me with its trunk, suddenly I have a small baby elephant-trunk in my arm-pit.

6 months old

6 months old

P1030753   P1030754

Mahout with 6 month old baby

Mahout with 6 month old baby

But after a while, what gets in has to get out again, and then being in the middle (or worst case behind) the elephants was not that much fun!!!!!

P1030764   P1030750

On our way home, we suddenly thought it was stinking elephants all over. We could see any animals, but realize soon that the odour was form ourselves. It was also possible to ride on the elephants, or take a “elephant-taxi” as the mahout said. Next year (or another year if we will re-visit) we will join the parade from the railway-station and downtown main breakfast area.


preparing for “elephant-taxi”

paying to take photo with elephant

paying to take photo with elephant