Trapped in the Splash


Water festival or Songkran in Pattaya is just crazy. Our first day we were walking outside our hotel trying to avoid being splashed. Then getting the fantastic idea in order to avoid getting soaked, let’s jump on the Songtha / Baht bus. This was probably the worst idea we had, getting completely soaked at least 10 times during the ride.

The day after we had a different approach, leaving the hotel somewhat earlier, we were able to get to the next alley, just hit a few times by different wsterguns. Then we found a taxi, that drove us the the shopping mall, Central Festival. After finishing our dinner inside the shopping mall, we relaxed with a mojito from the cocktail car bar outside. Here we could stay dry as long as we was inside the bar area. Anyone trying to splash water was stopped by the bar guys (and they had the biggest water gun of all). Time to go home, we got a taxi again, maybe a little high price, but again it cost to stay dry.

Our third day was the finale in Pattaya, and we woke up by street disco from the corner of our hotel five o’clock in the morning. From then it just get worse. We tried to go out early for lunch, but at every corner of our hotel it was just crazy, water splashing everywhere, and since we did not want to get soaked again, we turned around and stayed inside the hotel area. Does this mean we have become grumpy old tourists not able to have fun anymore?

Partly yes, but we had already celebrated Songkran in Chumphon area together with friends. It started very innocent, we were in Pak Nam Chumphon eating on the market. Kids were playing outside, but we’re probably told not to play at the food stall. On our way back to the car, we were passing four kids, wonder if they dare to splash us. They did, the youngest turned around with a big toothless smile, shouting “Falang” and the running after us with his water gun. But this was just fun. Back on Thun Wualaen Beach we were surprised about the long caravan of cars drivin through the beach. But it was still rather innocent, of course we were hit now and then, but never completely soaked, and every time hit, it was combined with a big, big smile. When the sun got down it was over.


Songkran second day, we were heading towards the beach, dressed in a way that a water splash doesn’t matter. And we were soaked and several times and got the colored powder in our face and on our clothes. But this is a beach area, if you get to dirty, go for a swim, and so we did. Heading back to our guesthouse we were met with dry towels. In the evening on the other hand there had been knife fights, one dead and four seriously injured on hospital.

The third day of Songkran  it was a bit slow start, and during daylight it was mostly children and young being out. Going for lunch we hoped to be able to keep dry, but luckily we had dressed for the opposite. We had not gone many meters from our guesthouse before hit the first time. But miraculous we did not get particular wet on our way  to a lunch restaurant, but our faces had all kind of colors, so we were not completely clean. Just before entering the restaurant, we stopped a minute, and then I got completely soaked by the owner of the restaurant we were going to enter. This was absolutely a new way of inviting gusts in. But we got in, had our lunch, and after that joined in the Songkran festivals for hours, splashing anyone passing by, and now and then being completely soaked by our play mates.

When the sun get down we went home, and the next day it was over, we thought, until we arrived to Pattaya, where the water festival was prolonged and last for three more days. But we had had enough of splashing and wanted to stay dry, that’s why we acted as grumpy old tourists.






Pattaya – is it good or bad???


It is few places in Thailand that we had hesitated to visit for so long time as Pattaya. Then you can wonder why bother at all when Thailand has so many lovely places you really like to go to. But it is all about location, 1,5 hours from the AirPort make Pattaya the perfect landning and departure point and a good alternative if you like to avoid Bangkok. So after many years of hesitation we are finaly here (and has been here a few times already). And we have stayed at several places during different times of the year; October 2013 we stayed some weeks in central Pattaya,  close to Sukhumvit road, in March 2014 we stayed almost a months in the area of  Jomtien / Dontang Beach, in September 2016 we stayed some weeks in the Northern area Na Klua and in January 2017 we stayed for one month in central Pattaya, in a small and quite alley right behandling 2nd Street.

So, how bad (or good) is it? It works fine to have as your landning and departure point, and also as a “break” of a longer trip, but I would never choose it as a destination of it’s own.



New painted nails

  • Distance to AirPort
  • It is a city including nice and breezy beach pedeastrian
  • High competition and good pricing on accomondation, restaurants, bars, massages
  • Shopping, cinema, bowling
  • Public transport by songthaews, also called baht bus
  • Jomtien and Dontang beach only 10 bahts away, if you need the touch of sand between your toes
  • A huge diversity of restaurants, all tastes and all prices, AC or outside
  • Many scandinavian places – can be nice if you want to watch some winter sports (skiing) on TV
  • Cheap and good Street food



Pattaya Beach in March 2014

  • Sex-industry
  • Go-Go bars
  • Walking Street ( and other red-light districts)
  • Dirty beaches
  • Polution in the sea due to tourist-boats releasing hundreds litres of diesel eevery day


But, we have stayed here for a  month now and enjoyed it, Thanks to an excellent hotel, new, clean and cheap and in a quite Street with the best fried chicken restaurant we have tasted ever. And on top of that we could enjoy a Consert with Tommy Körberg……….