Leaving Nha Trang


……..and we will probably not come back!!! Why – didn’t we like it???? Oh yea – we wouldn’t have stayed almost 4 weeks if we didn’t like it, but now it is time to try something else, and next time we want to enjoy a Beach&City we will try another spot – looking at the map of Vietnam it must be plenty of nice, undiscovered places to explore………

Below some of our images from our stay – all in all we have enjoyed it – otherwise we would of course have left much earlier.  (click on any of the images to open the gallery)

On the last day I’ll try to make a quick sum-up of our stay – and its ups and downs.

Why choose Nha Trang???

  • Nice climate (at last in January) around 25 degree celsius with easy breeze and slightly clouded
  • Extremely beautiful beaches (and surprisingly clean as well)
  • Extremely beautiful parks next to the Beach
  • Long and nice beach walk way (between the beach and the parks)
  • Nice combination of Beach & City as well as pleasant mix of Tourist & Local Vietnamese life
  • Good (western) restaurant – we have had many really nice Italian, French and Russian meals
  • Good beer with the Louisiana microbrewery
  • Good coffee and many nice cafées to enjoy it at – reasonable priced
  • Good (and cheap) sea-food
  • Easy to travel within the city by local bus – 5000 vdn per trip
  • Fun things to do – we enjoyed our Vinpearl day as well as our day in the Thapa Mud bath

Why skip Nha Trang???

  • Kind of “unfriendly” feeling between many of the locals and the tourists
  • Traffic – a completely lack of traffic rule and a common understanding of how to help each other
  • No room for pedestrians in the traffic – why must all mopedist turn in exactly in front of you when walking???? And all mopeds be parked in double lines in front of shops/restaurants so that it is impossible to find your way in???
  • Tourist prices on food and drink on too many places (i.e. as tourist you are charged more than the locals for the same food and drink)
  • Noisy – everywhere it is construction works going on
  • Low internet capacity all over town

Many choose Nha Trang due to all the surrounding Islands and nice snorkeling & diving – but the weather has not made it possible for us to try. Too windy and too heavy waves every day. But thanks to that we have not seen any water sports either, so what we lose on underwater life we win on quiet beach life.