Flowers in Dalat


Visiting Dalat for the first time in December, the first impression was slightly disappointing. But on a second thought – how colorful is actually Northern Europe in December???? After a few days in this highland town, with extremely nice weather (if you brought the right “cleather”) for long walking, it started slowly to transform into the flower beauty we were expecting, as they prepared for the Flower Festival held 27-31 December, 2013.

An uphill dirt-road one day – a few days later already transformed into a green lush park with the concrete parking lot in front already ready.

We left the same day as the flower festival started, so below is photos of how it looks during the preparation phase. Interesting to see that all the flowers used is more or less exactly the same we put out in spring time ourselves. But again the climate is very similar to nice spring day in April or May at home.