About This Blog


Is this a Travel Blog???

My intention was to make a travel blog, but as I was not sure about what a travel blog actually are this will be a blog created during traveling. Maybe that is a travel blog??? Content of it will surely be related to travel experience, but more often reflections I have regarding something I read or listen to from the news (or any other TV-station or media channel). I did write about my travels before the creation of this blog, between 2009 and 2012 they were posted under the community of Vagabond. From May 2013 that service is no longer available, so I will try to add part of that old stuff into here as well, under the category “In the Mirror”. Language of this material will only be in “Scandinavian).

Language – why in English???

Due to my background, I am not able to speak or write my native language (Norwegian) perfectly anymore. Instead I pretend to speak/write Swedish, but that is a kind of Swedish with about 10-30% influence of Norwegian, both when it comes to spelling and grammar. (And that is what I refer to when saying written in Scandinavian language) Since the majority of my readers may be from my own countries, when writing in English they do not discover all my usual spelling and grammar mistakes, and who knows, maybe I get new, global visitors as well by choosing a more global language???

How to read

The menu “In the Mirror” gives posts from all old trip (these in Scandinavian Language only), sub-menu exist for each trip as well. The menu “Right Now” is the posts created in line with the creation of this blog (and in English),

It is also possible to read the posts by Destination, either by country or by each place. Some places has been visited several times, such as Chiang Mai and Hanoi, and using the sub-menu all posts related to that place will be listed.

Archive February 2014 contains all old posts as well as some new, posted in “Real time”, the other months have posts only according to “Real Time”.

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