About My Maps


My Maps

In this page I will include a map showing the details of each trip. I am trying out google classic map, new google map and Map Box, so expect the content to be slightly different between each map.

Map Content

Quite easy it will show each destination and the traveled way between them.

Depending on how far back in time the travel was, destination (symbol by a pin or similar) will be the place we stayed at (when I remember the name of it and the location) or it will be the arrival/departure point such as bus station, train station etc. In some cases, when I do not remember any details, it will just show the destination point my map tool has chosen for that particular place.  I will try to include price, number of nights stayed, comfort level and if it was pre-booked or just a walk-in offer.

In addition, these two symbols will be used as well:

Circle (red) = border crossing
As we are travelling back and forward between the same countries, we have by this time passed quite a lot of different borders by now.

Please remember that my description of how easy/difficult it was passing is only my personal memory of it.

  • better than expected does not automatically mean it was easy (i.e, passing Aranyapraphet –PoiPet is never an easy border passing point)
  • worse than expected does not mean it was particular difficult or struggling (i.e going into Laos from Thailand is normally very easy, but on a hot day with a long line in front of you the personal memory may be somewhat different)

Star (yellow) = Arrival and departure point in South East Asia. All my trips start in Scandinavia with normally a transfer somewhere in Europe. But adding that to the map will make the overview picture a bit too small

To explain the 
traveled way – and by what vehicle – we have traveled the following coloured line will be used: 

Black line = airplane and the traveled way is just a straight line between two destinations.

Blue line = we have traveled by sea, no matter if it has been a ferry or a private hired boat, traveled way will turn up as a straight line between two destinations.

Green line = Now we use public transports, such as any kind of bus (VIP Bus, mini-van, songthaew) or train. Traveled way will try to show a little bit of reality, but it will not be 100% accurate and when using the zoom button you will see that sometimes the line is not following any roads or tracks at all.

Orange line or purple line = We go by own vehicle. This can be as simple as we are actually walking. More frequent will be the usage of bicycle, motorbike or car. And any kind of taxi-service, such as meter-taxi, hired private car (with or without driver), MC-taxi, cycle-taxi and all combinations of tuk-tuk, samlor, rikshaw or whatever it is called just in that place.

Depending on how good my memory is I will add price, how long the trip was (in hour) and perceived comfort level (or anything that fits in). Newer trips will have more details added to the map than older trips.

Destination maps

This will replace some of the “traditional” travel stories. Instead, I will illustrate it by a map, adding photo, videos and text. When possible, even try to keep the distance calculator activated. In these maps, as they cover just a small area, my ambition is to keep the details pretty accurate. Destination maps are appearing from the 2013 trip and onward but these destination maps will only be used when we have made some sightseeing or small trip worth talking about.

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