About Me


Personal without  being too private

Female, from Scandinavia, but since autumn 2009 I have spend more time travelling in South East Asia together with my husband, compared with the time spend “at home”.

Why Scandinavian? I am a Norwegian citizen, holding a Norwegian passport, but have lived my entire adult life in Gothenburg, Sweden (and that mean I have spend longer time in Sweden than in Norway by now). Still, I have not reached the mature age that give me (easier) access to a long stay visa in Thailand (and the rest is pure math…..)

I’m not too keen on posting a lot of private stuff, so the people around me will very seldom be presented with their name, even though they may appear in an image or two. And the same rule goes for me and my husband,  I will not use our name, just talk about me, him, us etc.


Do I have a favorite animal???
It is definitely not cats!!!!

How it started

In 2003 I started travelling for real (my husband started travelling on his own from around 8 years old :)), when we made the classic “one-year-around-the-world trip” with a minor change compared to other traveler we met at that time: we sold our apartment and most of of furniture and other belongings – but kept our jobs. After that one year we had a few learning’s:

  • the pre-booked travel route/flights may look logical at home but when you are there you want to go somewhere else

  • one year is too short time; you see/experience less than expected

  • we got the possibility to include Australia and New Zealand on our “way home”

  • we wanted to do this again (same same but different)

This time

In 2009 we both resigned from our jobs, get rid of the apartment (rental this time so no worries about selling), kept our belongings in our summer-house, and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok……………..and here we are, spending most of our time in some of the nice countries in South East Asia……..and we will continue doing this for ever and ever…………..or maybe not…….

In the future we will probably try to visit some other parts of the globe as well, but so far we still have so much undone in South Asia (and it is possible to live rather cheap here without compromising too much on comfort ).

What about a normal, paid job?????
Yes sometimes we do that as well  😦

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