To visit the Orangutang Rehabilitation centre in Sepilok, was one of the reason going here, so the first afternoon we are heading there. Actually we are only going to see how long time it takes us to drive there, since this is our meeting point for Mr Ajis Expeditipn. But when we arrived, we realised it was 5 minutes until the afternoon feeding starts, so why not pay it a visit. Coming late to the feeding platform was great, as we were followed by 3 orangoutangs heading the same way, towards the visitors platform. None of these were particular interested in the feeding itself, as long as it was much more fun hanging around on the visitors space. As one of them was quite aggressive, the rangers had to move all of us visitors several time. It was no doubt who was in charge this day!


Hungry? Or just on their way for some action


Should I go or Should I stay?


Not so interested to get out on the feedin platform


This one is in charge – all visitors have to move away


Mother with child at feeding platform


At least one that enjoy the feeding


Enjoying the bananas


We continued to the outdoor nursery, which was a play ground for the young ones. They had rangers looking after them, but they only interacted when the orangutang get on the ground, then they needed to start climbing up in the tree or the platform again, as an orangutang living only on the ground will not survive. We as visitors was kept inside while the small ones outside had no boundaries, they could go to the nearby Jungle whenever they wanted. Could probably spend several more hours following their playing and movements.

On our way back these two fellows had a party on the leftovers.

Across the Street was the rehabilitating centre of the Malaysian Sunbear. I think this centre was run by the university, and the rehabilitation means the sunbear lives here until the age of 4 when their maximum weight is achieved and they can survive in the Jungle on their own. The area was very nice build, with canopy walkways giving a Jungle feelings. And the sunbears? Of course they were adorable……


Malaysian Sun Bear at rehabilitation centre in Sepilok

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