Kota Kinabalu – our entrance to Sabah (North Borneo)


But first me must depart from KLIA airport, as we did the day after the murder of Kim Jong. We had decided to rent a car in Kota Kinabalu, but as we were unsure of how easy it would be to find our hotel and if it includes free parking we hesitated. It turned out that our hotel (TH hotel) was an excellent choice when you have a car, located between the airport and city centre and it comes with free parking. But on our first days we were tourists as usual. Our hotel provides shuttle bus service to city centrum, just not this day due to maintainance service!h


Where we stayed, TH hotel

So we were walking, and 45 minutes later after passing a sea village, golf course, hospital, shopping/hyper mall we reached the first spot of the water-front. As this was still in the early morning, we had it all to ourselves.

We found Kota Kinabalu (KK) beautiful as long as you don’t look down, then you see all the trash instead of the beauty.


Littering in city center

So, what to do on a nice day in KK? We followed the ”Heritage Trail” marked out on our map, as this passed by any point of interest including the tourist office.

Day two our mission were to rent a car, and after looking around we decided to rent a car for a month instead of two weeks, as the total price was only marginal higher. As we are not much for details planning, having a lot of time sounds great. When the car arrive, it turned out to be both older and in worse shape than promised, but after changing one tyre and removed part of the black sunscreen in the front window we could start driving – and planning our trip. In other words we nedeeed to do some shopping. And at the same time testing how well the gps app in our mobile worked. We headed towards the newest shopping mall, 1Borneo Hyper Mall. We found it, but after two circles around outside the mall we had still not understood how and where to park or found the shopping entrance, so we turned back to the city and one of the older shopping malls. We needed to buy some more internet to our pre-paid phone card, by a map (just in case internet were lacking) and a mobile loader for the car. When this was accomplished we filled up the car with some boxes of drinking water – 36 litre as a start.



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