Keningau – the friendliest place in Sabah?


Leaving Kudat we had a lot of option on where to go. First option was to go to Kota Belud, to visit the Sunday market, alternatively continue on the coastal road to Kota Kinabalu or beyond. But as we were getting close to the Kota Marudu junction the weather was so nice that we decided to go to Poring again, driving towards a beautiful mountain view. This time we almost could see the famous mountain. As usual we were more or less alone on the road, and could stop for anyone photo moments we want. Road condition very good and it felt that we reached Poring in no time.

Going to the Rafflesia farm, but this time they had no flowers blooming. After lunch in Ranau, it was time to decide next step.

We decided to go towards Tambuan and thereafter decide if we go to KK or to Beaufort (or any other place). Easy going also to Tambuan so we continued our adventure. But now the road condition started to be worse. So many places up the hill were the road has wiped away. Again, if there is a traffic sign warning about bad road condition, take it seriously. When driving around in Sabah we have for many roads been the only car, with one exception. Everywhere we drive, no matter how small the road is, we always meet the red pickup car from the electrical company, so also this time, and it felt safe knowing that the “help” will be close if needed. Approaching Keningau, the first we saw was a nice hotel at the roundabout, so we decided to finally stop. The room was nice and the hotel personal very helpful so our planned one night stop-over became several days.

In Keningau they had very nice handicrafts, so if you want to buy some basket or rotting, this is the place. They also had a Sunday Market with really cheap fruit. For the first time on this trip we could buy some delicious rambutan fruits, that we bring with us for a picnic inside Crocker Range Park. This park is much bigger than the more popular Kinabalu Park, but much less visited. As usual we could bring the car inside the park, so after we finished our fruit picnic, we drove around. At the visitor centre it was a nice display of the different tracks to go, and since they had a Rafflesia spot only a few hundred meters away we decided to go for a short walk. We had plenty of waters in the car, but since we were only going a few hundred meter we didn’t bring any. Luckily we changed our shoes from sandals to trainers. And off we are, after a few step the path continue straight as well as to the left. We continue straight, going downwards and further down. Then we see a sign “ welcome to Crocker trail”. As this trail only was 2,2 km long we continued. The trail were well maintained, with signs every 100 meter, but as we have reached the bottom, the following 6-700 meters were straight uphill again. It took us around 1,5 hours to complete this “short” trail ( without any water), ending on the highest point, and just getting downhill again to were we parked the car was tuff. And the Rafflesia spot we missed, as it were on the path we didn’t choose.

The next day it was time to leave, and we decided to continue to Beaufort, but wanted to go by the new Kimanis road over the mountain . Very steep, up to 19% on some parts. We were glad we had a relatively large car wit a strong engine. The view was fantastic. When we have started on the road to Beaufort, we see a sign “Ferry Memnok”, so we changed plans again and decided to take the ferry to Labuan, for some relaxing beach days.


Beaufort, view from our hotel room

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