How much Asia is this???


We hear a familiar “donk” noice in our hotel room. Big renovation is on-going close to our room, probably on the floor above as well as in the adjacent rooms. As we already have paid for several nights stay, we are not too pleased with this. After a short call to the reception to find out how long the renovation work will last, we are offered a new room, up on the 18th floor. This room has a fantastisk view as well as better interior, so of course we accept. And one minute after we have moved our last bag and settled down in our new room, we hear once again a familiar donk-donk. The room next to us is being renovated!!!  (but this time we keep the room, the fabalous view compensate the others).

This is one of the landmark we could look at from the 18th floor.


View from our hotel room on the 18th floor

Second time in Melaka, this visit was slightly dissapointing compared with what we thought in 2009. Why? Dificult to say, maybe no changes or development compared with the improvement in Georgetown (Georgerown and Melaka both gained a Unesco Hetitage satte in 2008). Even the nice Street Art paintings found here, was not enough to cheer us up.

We still managed to explore something new, a promenade down to the Portugese settlement where we had lunch. The name of the restaurant, “Restaurant Lisboa” was probably the only Portugese legacy, but food was good and the view was nice, and on our walk to get here we passed the prison, now turned into a museum. An interesting, but slightly claustrophobic visit.

Walking around in the Jonker area, we see a house with a lot of NO rules listed on the door. Our first thought was that it did not look very welcoming and we would never visit! Then we got curious – what kind of place is this and crossed the street for a closer look. And are invited inside, as it turned out that this was a Burger House and an Art Gallery ( The Bamboon House). Extremely good food, the lamb burgers made us visit them twice. So at the end, the list of rules outside of what you are not allowed to actually worked, as this attracted our attention.

Other than that we mostly enjoined Melaka best from our room on the 18th floor, specially at night with all the Fire Work, as this was the finale of the Chinese New Year celebration.

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