Creative Thai Design with Swedish Brand


Found this drink in the menue of Urban Bamboo Hostel in Khorat, a new place with a lot of efford on design, but unfortunately less on function.


The first room we stayed in had the biker theme, with bking lanes painted all around the room, so we didn’t even miss that the room lacked window. But we did wonder why it was a bicycle inside of the room (?) Our next room had window, and a basket theme, 3 basket balls and a basket ring on the wall, in case you wanted to play during the night. All rooms had also a special thai-edition of Monopoly, but it was to difficult for us to play as we didn’t understand from the drawn card if we should receive or pay money. But a very nice detail of the room interior.

Even though we liked the designs we can never stay here again since the plastic wrapping used to protect the madrass during transport and storage was not removed. It was not a comfortable sleep we were offered on a plastic wrapped madrass!

So next time, please remember to combine functionality with the designs.

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