Where will we sleep tonight????


…..was the question asked when sitting on the bus from Nha Trang.

For the third time on this trip we used the same bus company (Phuong Troung) but the services provided from their Nha Trang office was not the best (so far). We wanted to go to Mui Ne or Phan Thiet but the first girl said they had no buss, we had to buy the HCMC ticket and be dropped off on the road. No problem, bus ticket to HCMC cost only 220.000vdn so we accepted, then we were aksed to buy the ticket at an other counter. At this counter it was now possible to buy ticket to Phan Thiet for 155.000 vdn but when we asked where the bus will stop it was not so easy to get a straight answer. At least we understood it will not stop at the Phan Thiet bus station, but at the bus company office, but when we asked about the address to that office, the answer was ” don’t know”. Anyhow – it can not be that far off – so a taxi drive into where we would stay are probably available to a reasonable price.

On our ticket it now says Phan Thiet. On the ticket backside the different addresses of the bus companies offices were listed, and there it was a Mui Ne address. When we were on the bus the luggage guy / conductor asked where we were going, and we said Mui Ne. But when we were getting closer the same luggage guy / conductor was sleeping very hard and our bus did not turn left into Mui Ne. No worries, then it will stop at their Phan Thiet office instead, but when arriving to Phan Thiet it did not turn here either. The conductor was still sleeping so we have to shout to the bus driver to stop. So off we go in the middle of the road outside Phan Thiet………

As we had no pre-booked hotel it was ok, a xe-om into town and to the hotels at the beach. We had stayed in this area once before so we know what to expect – except that our first choice was fully booked during Têt- holiday (starting around a week from now). The next day we went with the local bus to Mui Ne to check-out some hotel / guest house choices there as well. But prices have increased dramatically so we did not think any of the available places we checked out gave enough value for money. So we are still in Phan Thiet – but do not know for how long we actually can stay – and maybe we will end up travelling again in the middle of Têt-Holiday………….but for a couple of nights we are happy staying where we are – at a somewhat old beach hotel with majority of vietnamese guest (and many Karaoke parties entertaining the whole hotel)


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